2 Important Factors That Make Newsworthy

News is something that is created and delivered to inform people about the current happenings around the world. According to the Oxford dictionary, News is “a form of news that reports the happening”. A daily newspaper or a radio or television programme usually consisting of news about recent happenings. A fictional presentation of this news, as in the evening news or a news report on a newscast.

There are many ways to make news and it has several applications. It can be made by a journalist or a media person based in a particular field like sports, politics, business and so on. They work as correspondents for a daily newspaper, making personal investigations and giving reports on their findings to the editor. The same job goes on for a radio or television presenter, who reports news stories to the audience, in this case as a fictional character.

This profession is interesting and it gives a feeling of getting up everyday to find out what is happening around the world. It becomes news when something new happens, unusual or surprising happens, which makes the world feel new and reacts in a positive way. In fact, many consider it as entertainment, when something extraordinary is revealed. For example, when a bank in Iceland announced that they would give a one-off exemption to some depositors, it became news because of the fact that it is one of the first cases of government intervention to help the financial system.

News becoming news, becomes obvious when you look at it in this way. When you read something in the newspaper about a natural disaster like a flood in California, it is very obvious that the paper was more alert towards the subject of natural disasters than other sources. It took into consideration the objectivity of the news story: the human interest element. In this type of situation, when you are following a natural disaster, the natural disaster becomes a human interest event, and you follow how the story develops in the newspapers.

The second factor that makes newsworthy is when an individual or an institution makes news. The executive order that was signed by the President has made news. In fact, it has become headline news in many countries. This is because of the fact that the leadership realized that there was public concern about the economy and made a decision to do something about it. This also makes news because it exposes some flaws or inadequacies of a government. Also, it exposes the failure of its policy to protect its citizens.

As we can see, the objectivity of news has two important elements: first, the greater news value of a story is based on the objectivity of news itself, and the second element is the reaction of readers towards the news story. If the latter is favorable, readers will not only appreciate the story, but they will pass it to other readers as well. On the contrary, if readers react negatively, you won’t be able to get your news story published. It would then be of no use for you to go on with your plans either. You must therefore understand that readers’ reaction influences the news value of any story. Hence, if you want to get readers’ attention and make them read your article, you need to take care of two factors: the objectivity and the reaction of readers.