Blogging Vs Writer Website

Definition of a blog: a blog (also a shortened version of the weblog) – is an internet journal or personal online newsletter, featuring factual and popularly updated information in either chronological or topical order, usually at the top. Blogs, like weblogs, are often used as a way of expressing ideas or sharing knowledge on a particular topic. Blogs can also be a venue for social interaction between people who share a common interest or have common experience. Blogging for profit has a rather simple goal: to rank higher in Google’s SERPs, a.k.a increase your exposure.

The benefits of blogging are many. Aside from ranking yourself higher on Google, blogs are usually updated automatically. So, there is no need to do any maintenance on the blog posts except for repeating old ones. Bloggers also benefit from their free advertising space. Some bloggers create a following or maintain a following through the comments left by their readers.

The most prominent advantage of blogging is its flexibility and the ability for you to target specific audiences. For example, if you want to promote your products and services, you can write informative blog posts about them and post links to your websites on your blog posts. If you have a static website about dog training, you can write reviews on dog training related blogs and include links to your website in your reviews.

Another major advantage of blog marketing is that it allows you to reach a larger audience than what you could possibly achieve through conventional article writing and advertising. Through blog marketing, you will have a bigger chance of reaching a worldwide audience because the internet is global. You don’t even have to open up new web pages or create a separate domain name. By just creating an account with a blog host service, you can publish your blog across the globe instantly.

Some of the popular blog services include WordPress and Blogger. In WordPress, you can easily customize your blog by using templates and plug-ins. In Blogger, you can manage your blogs via a graphical user interface (GUI) or through the use of RSS feeds. A third option is to have your blog hosted on a web server provided by blogging platforms like Open Office and WordPress. Bloggers can also take advantage of Google’s AdSense program to generate income from their blog.

However, the greatest advantage of blogging lies in the low startup costs and limited financial outlay required. Most bloggers start their blogs at zero dollars out of their pocket and generate revenue within weeks. Some even earn money by posting advertisements on their blog. You only need to register an account with a blog host service and create your own blog. In a matter of days, you can create a huge number of blogs and monetize them with different advertising options.