Getting Health News From Your Favorite Sources

Getting Health News From Your Favorite Sources

Kaiser Health News (KHS) is an independent online program of the Kaiser Foundation ( Kaiser Quality Commission). The mission of Kaiser Health News is “to provide reliable health news service to a broad spectrum of individuals and groups.” They present original reporting, research, analysis, data and visual elements to help people make decisions about their health and healthcare. Through providing this service people have access to up-to-the-minute information on critical health topics of today and will be better informed to take protective measures to ensure their health and the health of their families.

In order to contribute to Kaiser Health News, you must be a member of a health care insurance plan through an established provider. Otherwise, you must sign up for a free account or enroll in a supplemental health plan. After becoming a member, you are eligible for many features including health tips, news blurbs, message boards, text alerts and website content which are designed to help you take control of your life. Health education has become one of the major themes in media across the USA since the mid 90s. You can help contribute to this important public interest by contributing to the free resources available through Kaiser Health News.

There are a few ways to get quality health news delivered to you fast and without fee. The easiest way to subscribe to a health news service is to visit their website and sign up for their free newsletter. This is a very simple process of just entering your email address and password. Once you register, you can get instant health tips and other mailings you may want to read.

Another way to get high quality health news is to read news at local libraries. These publications usually offer a health section where you can find a number of articles, not only related to health, but also articles with general interest. Most libraries also have a collection of magazine issues covering health. Many libraries also offer educational programs about health, both current and past, and you should definitely take advantage of these programs.

The best way to get free health news is to get your news from a reputable source. Reputable online sources will offer you facts, figures, data and images with relevant links. Some sites also allow reader submissions and these are especially good if you need some specialized information. Many health oriented web sites also have a large archive of past and present health stories, though they sometimes have limited reader selections. They also have regular news blurbs that you can read along with the article.

If you have access to the Internet, you can also get plenty of health news by just visiting blogs dedicated to health or medical topics. You can find a wide variety of blogs dedicated to health, as well as medical and science news. Some blogs are even monitored and updated daily. This is very convenient for someone who cannot wait for the daily newspaper to come out!