How to Pick the Best News App For You

News is what someone somewhere wants to hide; otherwise, all the rest would be advertising. Put it in front of them briefly to get their attention, obviously so that they’ll read it fully, clearly so that they can appreciate it well enough, picturesquely enough so that they’ll remember it and, most of all, accurately so that they can be guided by it. And, honestly, in the digital age, it’s pretty hard to get that right without the help of a good news reader.

So many people assume that just because they have a smart phone or tablet, they won’t need a news reader any more – after all, isn’t that what the world is moving to? But the truth is, smart phones and tablets have a way of making us more connected, but they don’t necessarily make us better readers. That’s why a good news reader app is one of the best things you can get for your smartphone or tablet.

There are a number of different news apps out there, some better than others, and some of them simply better designed to suit your device. But in general, news apps share certain traits. Most news apps allow you to choose from a list of stories, or a specific section of a story, and they allow you to read the news as you normally would: through text, picture-in-picture or text-to-speech options, or by logging you into your account from social networks.

Of course, not all news apps are created equal. The first step in choosing a good news reader app is deciding what news you’d like to read and where you’d like to find it. Some news are local, such as the local paper; others are global, such as the BBC World News. Some news are sports related, such as the sports section of a news portal; others are celebrity focused, such as breaking news on Hollywood gossip. You should choose a news app that matches your personal interests.

A second important trait to look for in news apps is how well it carries the news. Reading news online is fast and convenient, but it can’t do all the jobs that you’d like it to. You’ll want a news reader app that takes care of the heavy lifting for you: searches, automatic email notifications, headlines, and links. The best news readers will let you know when a story you’re interested in has been updated with new information.

Finally, it’s important to look at how news apps are laid out. Most news apps are designed to open quickly and navigate with ease. Look for news apps that offer multiple panels and widgets to display different sections of the news, or to display the most recent news stories. These add extra features and help make your news reader experience more useful.