Travel News From India to Overcome Your Travel Stress

Travel News From India to Overcome Your Travel Stress

The Indian government and various international agencies have come up with Travel News. This is an electronic magazine that carries all kinds of information about India, including travel tips, latest updates on festivals, business promotions and offers by various hotels and restaurants, etc. The first issue of Travel News was published in 2021 and today it has become one of the best sources of information for travelers throughout the world. In this digital age, no travel agency can afford to ignore Travel News.

Earlier, the global recession had hit the tourism industry hard, but today things are looking rosy as Indian tourism is enjoying a boom. There are many reasons behind the success of India tourism, one of them being the growth in connectivity in the country. Tourists from all across the globe are now visiting India and enjoying its charm.

One of the most popular travel destinations in India, Arunachal Pradesh is known for the diverse flora and fauna as well as for the lovely valleys. It is also famous for being one of the best airports in North East India, as the state has one of the best airports in India. There are many hotels in the state that offer fantastic packages for tourists. Among the most popular ones are Crown Colony, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Hydrellum, etc., and tourists can book rooms at these hotels for a truly comfortable stay. There are also wonderful places to eat and enjoy recreational activities in the state like Kalimpong, Tsanbul, Kulu, etc., where tourists can spend their days.

Kerala is one of the best states in India, which has its own share of history, culture, tradition, etc. Its cuisine is highly praised and renowned too. Its international airport is located at Trivandrum, which is close to Kochi, the city of Kerala, which is famous for its shopping malls, beaches and various other tourist attractions. Most of the famous food outlets are situated near the airport, like Sathyam’s restaurant, Pepper’s restaurant, etc., and there are many more restaurants as well. The main street in Kochi is Anjene Kootam, which is also known for great nightlife.

Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, is a wonderful example of Mughal architecture. It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his dear wife Mumtaz Mahal. Travelers from all over the world come to this place to take a glimpse of this magnificent structure. One can also read about the history of this place and the Taj Mahal through the travel news from India.

Delhi, the capital of India, is another important place, famous for various tours and travels. It offers wonderful accommodation facilities to travelers. There are many hotels available here that provide comfortable accommodations to tourists. There are some of the finest shopping malls as well in the international airport area, which attract shoppers. There are also many sightseeing spots in and around Delhi, such as Jama Masjid, Rajghat, Red Fort, India Gate, Old Fort and so on.