Travel News – No Fly Till August

Travel news is one of the most popular forms of information for many travelers. The travel news has been a major factor in the Arab Spring uprisings. Travelers were glued to their TV sets and eagerly awaited any updates on where they would be travelling and what they could expect there. In many cases, that’s exactly what happened, with millions tuning into world events through their travel news feeds, eagerly awaiting not only the latest updates on events, but travel destinations and more.

This is also when things started to get interesting. With travel news, came the spread of epidemics and news of dead travelers from Africa and Asia. Also with travel news, came the hint of new outbreaks of diseases and viruses, which the regular traveler had no idea were even flying across the Atlantic at all. There was the case of SARS, or severe Respiratory syndrome, which seemed to take America by storm. This was followed by the cases of MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, and then the recent outbreak of swine flu in America.

With all this going on, the travel news completely replaced local travel channels and news from the local area. Where once the local news mentioned places in the region only, now travel news covered everything from cities to states, counties to provinces, states to provinces – as well as, of course, the country itself. There were travel advisories, tips on how to travel around the region, and there was even a section on the virus that travelers should be on the lookout for. There was even a section on the seasonal tick bites and cold sores that, in turn, had a section on precautions for tick bites and cold sores.

However, the most important piece of information on travel news was the list of countries that were blacklisted by the US government, namely: North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. These four were deemed “axis of evil” by the Bush administration. The list of countries was issued by then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, who did this in consultation with her husband, former President Bill Clinton. The reasoning for the list was to distract the American people from the impending war with Iraq.

Now, just days before the special elections in India, and amidst a tough election campaign, the Government has issued new travel restrictions. The health care and travel sections of the Indian news media have now reported no travel restrictions. However, there is still a ban on the use of the delta variant of Vitamin A. This comes as a shock to many Indians, as the delta variant is known for its strong antiviral properties. The new policy, which has been issued on September 21st, says that anyone traveling to India between now and the end of the month of October will need to acquire a special health pass.

The health pass will be valid only for travel during the month of October. According to news reports, those who get a special health pass will be able to get medicines free of cost. However, all health plans and policies of the country are going to be reviewed, and only fully vaccinated products will be released in the market. Those who do not have any existing cover plans will be allowed to buy the standard travel insurance cover. Also, according to travel news, tourists will not be allowed to get hold of fully vaccinated children for travel till August, as they are not yet certified for travel.